The advantages of reliable wood over particle boar

Jun 02

The advantages of reliable wood over particle board cabinets

When choosing kitchen cabinets, it is important to think about many elements. Of course, the aspect that most consumers instantly think about is the appear of the cabinet: the style of the doors, kind of handles, and overall design. While design and design are essential, they are not the main thing to consider. In fact, if a customer hopes to sustain their kitchen for many years to come, the structure and material of the cabinets is, by far, the most important point of all.

In today’s economy, everyone is looking for ways to cut price, but when it comes to a house, it’s better to invest a small additional and add much more towards the home’s overall worth. When provided the choice of two kinds of components for their kitchen cabinets, buyers should carefully consider their choices before producing a choice. In an effort to cut costs, numerous manufacturers are creating the cabinet box or base from particle board and then using some thing sturdier for that doors. All solid wood cabinets are much more pricy, and, at very first glance, the consumer may not see much difference as to the way the cabinet looks, but, no matter how appealing the reduced cost tag may look, particle board cabinets are definitely a poor choice in the lengthy operate.

If one has actually had the unfortunate occasion of positioning a cold beverage on a reduced end piece of furniture only to view the condensation ring gradually puff up and expand, then they have seen one of the many ill effects of particle board.

Particle board, or press board, is created by pressing and gluing many wood chips together to form a solid surface area, leaving the material weak and vulnerable to liquid and pressure. Liquid that leaks onto the surface will seep down betwee the compressed pieces of wood causing them to expand and take on a bread-like texture that crumbles on contact. Also, since it is numerous little pieces of wood, the overall strength of the material is lessened, making it unfeasible for heavy countertop materials. Particle board cabinets may appear just fine when first installed, but, all it requires is unattended standing water, an accidental collision between a broom handle and also the cabinet corner, or large countertops applying constant stress, and soon, the stunning cabinets will be ruined.

Solid wood cabinets carry the beauty of a natural wood grain, are strong and supportive of any counter top material, even granite, and are certain to stand the test of time. Reliable wood won’t puff up and swell, and it’ll not begin to crumble on the corners. Just a glance at solid wood pieces more than one hundred years old will display that wood maintains its beauty and elegance for many, many . Although much more pricey within the beginning, selecting reliable wood over particle board for kitchen cabinets will include both beauty and value to the home.

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